Although I speak clearly, you don’t listen very well. That may be a bit confusing. Let me help you understand what I mean.

I want to share one of my favorite quotes with you. “… hard of …  listen … hearing … respond.” Isn’t that a great message? Not really.

The actual quote is:

“The hard of hearing listen to understand, the hearing listen to respond.”

Is that better?

This is what I go through every day. I spend 80% of my time just trying to understand what you are saying. Another 20% thinking about how to respond to you. That certainly doesn’t leave much time to actually say anything before you say something else. It’s a struggle to keep up. It’s exhausting!

That’s why I’m developing speech captioning glasses. While I try to listen to you as best I can, I won’t have to remind you “Hey! Don’t turn away. I can’t read your lips when you speak.”, “Please move your hands from your face.” or my favorite “Speak clearly. Don’t mumble.” Doesn’t that add a lot to our conversation?

Just imagine how much easier it would be for me to read the words you say and enjoy our conversation. We both could relax and actually talking to one another. I could even follow what you and others in the group are saying. Imagine that.

Wouldn’t that be a great?

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