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You’re invited to chat with us face to face to help in research – it’s safe and secure – we’ll send you an FDA approved window mask to USA households while supplies last. Click the button below to schedule a chat.
We’ll provide a person who can sign and provide closed captioning.

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Our mission is to enable those with hearing loss and other communication disorders to live, learn, and work independently in the real world.

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How To Get Involved

“Join the conversation” is more than a clever tagline for us.  It’s our company’s goal to make it easier for individuals with hearing loss and other communication disorders to fully participate in the conversations taking place around them.  It’s also an invitation for all of us to engage in the discussions necessary to help that goal.  We invite you to listen, share, and get involved.


The first step to joining the conversation is to listen and become educated about the issues and challenges that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing routinely face. Do this by subscribing to our newsletter, reading our blog, and joining our online community.


As you learn about the issues and the work that organizations like Vü are doing, it’s time for you to share that information with your community and get them involved. Invite family, friends, and colleagues to join the conversation.


With your help, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) can join in the conversation at home, in a classroom, at work and in their community. Through our ‘Shop for a Cause‘ program you can support us by using our affiliate link to shop for your favorite products on popular websites.

Your support helps fund the development of Vü’s  patent-pending smart devices. These smart mobile devices help users know when someone speaks, what they are saying, and where to look to follow the conversation.  Simply click the button below to see participating retailers.

From Our Founders

Featured Articles

Some of our favorite articles from the blog.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing? What Works at Work?

Deaf or Hard of Hearing? What Works at Work? What tips can help the Deaf or Hard of Hearing to advocate for themselves at work – what should they say? What should they suggest to their boss to help them be included in team meetings? How should I advocate for myself with co-workers?...

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‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season: Connecting during COVID by Gloria M. Matthews It’s that time of the year when friends and families usually get together to celebrate the Christmas season. Unfortunately, due to COVID, gatherings are now a growing source for the increasing cases across...

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VüNews – Celebrating the Season!

VüNews – Celebrating the Season!

-We’ve got a great gift for you! You get 40% off any regular-price items with our new affiliate partner – Sonic Alert!  Just use promo code: VUSPEECH on their website here. This deal is good on any regular-priced item on their website at any time!  Vü receives funds through the sale of goods or services on or through this website.

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Vü News - September September is suicide awareness month. Sadly, we don’t always know the depths of someone’s depression until it is too late. And September is also Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness Month. #hearingloss #hearinglossawareness People with hearing loss...

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Please click the link below to visit Sonic Alert's website and explore their selection of products specifically designed to meet the needs of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community. Use the Code: VUSPEECH at checkout and they'll take 40% off of your order. We are an affiliate marketing partner of Sonic Alert and will receive a small percentage of your purchase which will be used to help us in our efforts to bring our patent-pending devices to market.

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Ear Gear is a protective sleeve that slides on over your hearing aid or implant. It protects your hearing instrument from dirt, dust, moisture, and sweat. And get this - it even cuts down on wind noise without affecting sound quality!

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