About The Vü

Who we are.

Founded in 2019 by an MBA with profound hearing loss and a software engineer who wanted to help solve a major problem – bridging the gap between those who can and cannot hear.

“Many Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals like me cannot follow conversations in a group of people. We have a hard time at noisy restaurants, in a classroom, team meetings, conference phone calls, group meetings online or in person, webinars, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations and online courses for fun or work,” notes Alexandra Cartier, a serial entrepreneur and founder of the Vü.

Our goal is to enable each individual who is Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing to be included in every conversation.

Meet our amazing team.

Vü started with a question. “What if those with hearing loss and communication disorders were able to fully and seamlessly participate in their communities?” 

With firsthand knowledge that individuals with hearing loss don’t just lack the ability to hear, they also lack a voice because they are unable to effectively engage in the conversations taking place in their communities; our founder put together a team and set out on a mission to solve this problem once and for all.

Alexandra Cartier

Alexandra Cartier

Cofounder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur, Alexandra Cartier is our founder. As a person with profound hearing loss, Alexandra truly understands the challenges that face this community. She understands that Vü’s success means a better life for her and the millions like her around the world.

Gary England

Gary England

Co-Founder & Technology Director

With more than 30 years experience in project management and software development, Gary is our chief techie. His background includes voice technologies, sensors, electronic warfare, and command control & communications systems.

Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley

Technical Advisor

Inventor, educator and award winner, Mike Buckley is our resident professor. His research interests are Socially Relevant Computing, Augmentative Systems and Adaptive Communications for the Handicapped, Software & Computer Engineering & Programming Education.

Gloria Matthews

Gloria Matthews

Community Outreach Director

Gloria Matthews has an extensive background in building both online and real-world communities. Like our founder, Gloria too is hard of hearing and understands the unique challenges that this community of people faces. “If you don’t include me in the conversation and it’s discussing something that will affect my life, I don’t need anyone to be my ‘voice.’ Include me and allow me to be my own voice, so that you can see what I can bring to the table.”- Gloria M. Matthews 

Rose Collins

Rose Collins

Director of Marketing and Communications

A health care marketing and communications professional, Rose has a passion for collaboration and results. Having a special needs sister and a deaf aunt, she’s inspired to help Vü include those with hearing loss in every conversation.

A word from our founders.

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