Do you use an assistive device? See what works best

Do you use an assistive device? Find out some that are tried and tested by Vü! From strobe lights to smoke alarms, apps and phones, our Community Outreach Director, Gloria Matthews breaks down what she has found works best. Check out her interview in our latest VüCast.

Here are some of the companies she recommends: Sonic Alert – – By the way, get a 40% discount off of regular prices from Sonic Alert when you use VuSpeech in your shopping cart. Vü receives a commission from Sonic Alert for your purchase.

Harris Communications:

Caption Call –

Innocaption –

Clear Caption –

00:05:37.360 –00:09:44.160 Alert devices for phone calls, doorbells,

clocks 00:10:23.920 –00:12:35.440 Fire alarms, strobe lights, tenant rights

00:12:36.160 — 00:17:15.280 Smart phones and best captioning vendors

00:17:31.680 –00:24:51.520 Best accessibility vendors for strobe lights, phones and other tech