Deaf or Hard of Hearing? What Works at Work?

What tips can help the Deaf or Hard of Hearing to advocate for themselves at work – what should they say? What should they suggest to their boss to help them be included in team meetings? How should I advocate for myself with co-workers? Shift Supervisor Kori Longbons who is Hard of Hearing gives us her perspective.

2:42-5:15 – How to advocate at work when Deaf or Hard of Hearing

5:15-6:35- Live Transcribe for iPhone

7:27-8:15-What to suggest to your boss using Live Transcribe

8:47-9:50-How to Advocate at work with co-workers

10:38-12:23-What has Kori found that works for her at work

12:50-14:10 – Communicating with the mask

14:32-15:40- Resource at work

19:06-22:05- How to talk to a new person about your needs