Episode 2 – Landing a Job and Tips from Job Coach Andrea Todaro

How do you land a job and keep it when you have a disability? Learn from Andrea Todaro, President of Innovative Placements of WNY. Andrea Todaro is an Employment Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in matching clients with the hiring requirements of employers. Over 3,000 clients and employers from a wide range of occupations and industries have benefited from her expertise. Her specialty is helping individuals with disabilities secure employment. Jump here to learn more: 2:55-4:56 – Overview of Innovative Placements: www.ipswny.com 9:15-9:46 – Broad spectrum of people with varying abilities and education can get a job 10:29-15:26 – What’s it like for people who need job opportunities during this pandemic? 17:40-20:55 – Example of remote opportunities such as being a Contact Tracer. Be sure to hit the subscribe button to get notified when a new VüCast episode is up. Like us if you want to let us know we are providing useful information for individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. P.S. GREAT NEW RESOURCE for FREE REAL-TIME CAPTIONING: https://www.captionmate.com/.  CaptionMate is easy to use in an office environment or at home, or with a Zoom call or any other Webinar. CaptionMate leverages ASR to provide a speedy and accurate captioning solution.  It can do things like capture both sides of the conversation, change the language on the fly, modify your themes and color settings, and it can be used on your own phone (iOS, Android and landline), as well as share the transcriptions with the remote party.