VüCast Episode 3 – Tammy Owen, Vision Loss Impairment – VIA

What services are available for those with vision loss? What’s the latest technology to help people who have vision loss and help them work? How does VIA, Vision Loss Impairment, work with people to maintain their independence? Should you only reach out to your eye doctor? Check out this episode of VüCast with host Alexandra Cartier and guest, Tammy Owen, President and CEO of VIA, Pathways for Visually Impaired: https://viawny.org/

Time Code:

1:20- 2:44 What is VIA

6:39-10:40 – How does VIA place people in the workplace?

12:15-15:45- How do you build confidence for your clients with low vision/blindness?

17:44-20:25-Covid 19 impact and glove packing done by VIA clients

21:25-25:20-Type of resources VIA provides – should you just seek out the eye doctor?