Vü Joins National Walk4Hearing Program to Raise Awareness

Vü Joins National Walk4Hearing Program to Raise Awareness

The , a New York startup that champions accessibility & awareness for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH), will participate in the National Walk4Hearing program happening online Sept. 26 in Buffalo, NY.

48 Million+ People in U.S.

Walk4Hearing is hosted by the Hearing Loss Association of America.  The event reaches out to more than 48 million people with hearing loss, their families, friends, and hearing health professionals to educate and raise awareness about hearing loss, good hearing health, and communication access.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the Walk4Hearing has welcomed over 105,000 walkers and raised more than $12 million since 2006.

“One in six people in the U.S. have a hearing loss,” states Alexandra Cartier, founder of Vü and a person with bi-lateral hearing loss. “Whether you think you have a hearing loss, want to support someone who does, or if you have been living with hearing loss for some time, the Walk4Hearing is for you. Join us in helping to raise funds for this important cause that affects millions of Americans.”

Erase the Stigma of Hearing Loss

“I have personally been involved with the Walk since 2012,” notes Gloria Matthews, Vü’s director of Community Outreach who also has a cochlear implant and serves as the Walk4Hearing treasurer. “It is such a great way for companies and organizations– local and nationally- and people of all ages who have been affected by hearing loss either directly or indirectly to come together for a common goal – to eradicate the stigma of hearing loss!”

Although hearing loss can’t be cured or reversed, it can be screened for and treated; in some cases, further loss can be prevented. It’s estimated that on average people who suspect they have hearing loss wait seven years before seeking treatment. Hearing loss can be very isolating and, if left untreated, it can have a profound and negative impact on a person’s life.

Get a Hearing Screening

A hearing screening is quick, painless, and easy, and its benefits can last a lifetime. Vü encourages individuals to take control of their hearing health and encourage family and friends to do the same.

To learn more about the free event, follow HLAA Walk4Hearing on Twitter @Walk4Hearing and tweet using #screenURhearing to let people know you got your hearing checked and/or encouraged someone else to do so. To join or support the Vü team’s fundraising goal at the online event, go to:  https://tinyurl.com/VuTeam.


Vu champions accessibility & awareness for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH) in products, design, development, & communications.  The company is developing patent-pending smart devices to enable the DHH to communicate effectively in the classroom, workplace and community. Join the Conversation at VuSpeech.com or @Vu.smart.tech on Facebook. Walk4Hearing logo