Biggest Pet Peeves. Most of Us Despise these.

These are some of the biggest pet peeves we have in group discussions. Gasp! We despise:

  1. Saying “Never mind” or even better “It’s not important”
  2. Unable to transition from one conversation into another
  3. Speakers interrupting or talking over each other
  4. When an instructor is writing on the board with their back turned and talking at the same time
  5. Mumbling
  6. Labels as Deaf and Dumb.
  7. Assumptions that we are not listening or not smart enough
  8. People have selective hearing
  9. Instructors or presenters who don’t have notes or a transcription available for class
  10. Be misinterpreted and misunderstood
  11. We get lost in translation
  12. Background noise or harsh echoing environments
  13. Bad table layout and seating in meeting areas, conference rooms, and lecture halls

As a Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual, what are your biggest pet peeves regarding group discussions? Let us know, we want to hear from you!