What’s a Disability Advocate and How Can They Help Me?

ADA Coordinator of Tampa General Hospital, Tampa, Florida, and TEDx speaker, Liam Doyle, shares how to advocate for yourself at work and social settings as well as advice on becoming independent when you have a disability. This informative session with Vu’s Community Outreach Director, Gloria Matthews, covers the following:

00:51 – What’s a disability advocate?

03:21 – What resources can I use if I want to be an ADA advocate or need someone to help me?

06:04- How can I be more independent? 08:06- What has been Liam’s experience at work in asking for accomodations?

09:43-What has it been like in social settings like restaurants?

14:03- How to advocate at work

16:15- Advice when looking for a job

22:17-What’s Liam’s wish for next big move toward inclusiveness?

Websites Liam recommends for persons with disabilities and their loved ones:




It helps everyone when more people with disabilities are out in the community. Start small, start where you’re comfortable and build out from there.